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'A Journey Through Kelly Country'

A Journey Through Kelly CountryA Journey Through Kelly CountryIn 1881 the Victorian Government held a Royal Commission to 'inquire into the circumstances preceding and attending the Kelly Outbreak'. During the inquiry commissioners identified a triangular parcel of land where the Ned Kelly Gang reigned for twenty months, committing daring exploits of crime.

This parcel of land lies between Benalla, Mansfield and Beechworth, which includes the surrounding areas of the King Valley, Warby Ranges and Woolshed Valley in North East Victoria, Australia. This land became known as Kelly Country!

A Journey Through Kelly Country is an essential travel guide that will lead you on an amazing journey of discovery through Kelly Country. The guide is full of maps and step-by-step directions on how to locate these historic sites. Photographs show you their past and present condition. You will be lead to historic sites that, although not so well known, are still important to the Ned Kelly story.

While the book is a travel guide and directory, it also provides a narrative of the Ned Kelly story. This includes the events that occurred at each site you visit.

A Journey Through Kelly Country turns the Ned Kelly story into an awe-inspiring reality. Rare photographs picturing days gone by immerse you in the story and photographs of unforgettable landscapes showcase these magnificent places - celebrating the wonders of North-East Victoria.

I hope you enjoy discovering and travelling through Kelly Country as much as I do.

Anthony Dodd

Now available to purchase Online in either Paperback or as an electronic version

"There’s no icon that stands the test of time through Australian history better than Ned Kelly. The words ‘such is life’ uttered by Ned, when facing his demise at the 'Old' Melbourne Goal, are synonymous with Australian culture." 

excerpt from 'A Journey Through Kelly Country'